Chocolate Panna Cotta Low Carb Dessert

I’m not sure about you but just looking at this picture is making me hungry! I really like this recipe and I hope you will as well.

Directions: 4 ramekins (or small bowls – i used a small round bowl here, but you can make it more fun by using a shaped bowl); In a pan over medium heat, bring the cream, splenda and salt just to a boil. Remove from the heat, add the chocolate dip and whisk until smooth.  Add gelatin and stir unti…Chocolate Panna Cotta Low Carb Dessert

That recipe was awesome! I got really hungry as I was typing up this blog post and just couldn’t wait and eat some leftovers from last night. Lol! I hope you liked the recipe as well guys and just a simple reminder about desserts please take note of the net carbs it contains per serving. It can be all too easy to go over your carb limits if you are not careful.

Have some fun with your Keto meal plan by checking out these amazing resources we have for you below for low carb recipes.


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