Keto Frappuccino

I’m not sure about you but just looking at this picture is making me hungry! I really like this recipe and I hope you will as well.

Berry’s and Cream Frap. Made with almond milk, two tablespoons of sugar-free creamer, 4 bags of Celestial Seasoning’s True Blueberry tea and 3 bags of Lipton’s White Pomegranate tea, ice, 1/16th tsp xanthan gum and some Stevia. Just pour a cup of hot water over the tea bags, let steep, pour the concentrate into a blender with the m…Keto Frappuccino

That was today’s recipe guys! I hope that the recipe gave you the fuel that you need to power on. There are a whole lot more amazing recipes out there so please come back to my site soon.

Continue to make your Keto experience a treat to the tastebuds by checking out some additional recipes we have for you below.


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